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"When it came time for my wedding, I knew I wanted poetry to be involved because it was such a monumental part of my life. I also knew that the love, the joy, and all the raw emotions I was feeling I could not even begin to write about for myself and my husband. I knew I needed someone else to do the honors, and the first person that came to mind was D.E.E.P. Without question I knew it was her voice and her words that would be able to encapsulate the moment perfectly. When a poet chooses another poet for something like this the decision is not made weightlessly. She took the time to talk with me and was so friendly and loving, she was human in the most beautiful way. The piece that she wrote for my wedding is something that I will forever cherish. It has been included in our wedding albums to family and is incorporated into the gallery wall in our home. I walk by it every morning and am reminded so vividly of that day, each time her words plunge me right back into those same raw emotions. It is astonishing that this woman, this amazing artist and word smith I had seen in my youth and was an inspiration for me was able to write something so fitting for my wedding."


-Shae O.


Given a short amount of time to create an impactful speech for an audience that I had so much to say and reminisce was overwhelming at first. Mrs. Mouton was the guidance that I needed to process the conclusion of a beautiful chapter in high school, and bring it to life in time for graduation. The most amazing part of the process is that I never felt ‘tied’ to work within a certain structure. Since the beginning, we were always working with my thoughts, words, and emotions. And while talking to her about what my high school experience meant to me and why, she guided me to tap into my true words. Mrs. Mouton demonstrated incredible patience because, after a rewrite, she helped me realize the potential and greater message I had for both my classmates and myself, but somehow ignored. With her help and through my speech I learned a new part of my identity that I got to share with the audience. She took me out of the fear that clouded my mind, and inspired me to go far beyond the typical graduation speech. To instill my own touch to the message that every time I read brings tears of joy to my eyes like graduation day.


--- Margot G